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From the start of Oakley brand till now, Oakley sunglasses has been continuing with creative motivation and passion to move towards a top brand in sunglasses. Since year 1975 when first product under Oakley brand came in to being, Jim Jannard, started the fist product of Oakley brand. Why is Oakley brand and Oakley sunglasses so popular? Oakley sunglasses are special and unique in its design and workmanship.

Oakley has over 600 patented technologies. Oakley sunglasses have been in the way to be much more perfect to meet customers' demand and taste. Fake Oakley sunglasses are cheaper in price than original ones, however, the quality of fake Oakley sunglasses are also good. Oakley sunglasses are good at combining comfort,practicability and artistry into the sunglasses which make Oakley sunglasses one of the most most popular fashion sunglasses.

The use of Oakley sunglasses

Oakley sunglasses act not only as a tool for anti-UV from the sun, it only play the role of decoration. In the early ages, Oakley sunglasses are available in models specially for sportsman and athletics in skating, surfing or running. In the later days, Oakley sunglasses models have become more and more diversified. As original Oakley sunglasses are usually not cheap in price, it's hard for you to look after it's diversified models and styles.

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How to take care of your Oakley sunglasses

It should leave away from items with chemistry content such as perfume in order not to lead to corrosion to the sunglasses lenses and frames. Fake Oakley sunglasses is also equipped with sunglasses boxes and cases and cloth. So sunglasses can be kept in care after use to protect its lens and frames from distortion.