1DukeI don’t think there is any doubt here. Duke is #1. Pomeroy was the lone dissident in all of the rankings/systems I looked at. The top worst ranking of any other school was 8th.
2MichiganThe next two schools are a tossup, as they ranked the same in my aggregate. I went with Michigan at #2 due to their AP/Coaches Poll votes.
3SyracuseSee above.
4LouisvilleThe next three were not that far off the pace, especially the next two.
5FloridaSee above.
6KansasSee above.
7ArizonaThe next two slotted here.
8IndianaSee above.
9MinnesotaA clear #9, with some distance between them and other teams.
10CincinnatiA clear #10, with a poor RPI making the gap between them and the above wider.
11GonzagaA clear #11 relative to the schools above, and maybe a little overranked.
12Oklahoma St.This one might get pretty badly scrutinized. The Cowboys were in the Top 25 of every poll/system I observed. Anyone below this line was not. Is OSU a little high? Perhaps, considering most people put them in the 20s. But some system knocked the below schools out of the Top 25, and that was enough for me.
13Ohio St.A non-Top 25 RPI cost the Buckeyes a better spot. Probably a little underranked here.
14IllinoisPomeroy left the Illini out of the Top 25, despite their 5th best RPI.
15New MexicoSee above, but New Mexico at #6 in RPI.
16VCUSee below.
17CreightonSee below.
18Miami (FL)The two schools above Miami were some distance away, and the two schools below Miami were also some distance away. Miami is a good link between the groups.
19Wichita St.See above.
20UNLVSee above.
21PittsburghThis will be another controversial one. Pitt had some excellent rankings, but missed being ranked in 2 of the polls/systems I observed. They slotted in at #21 because of it. Probably a little underranked.
22MissouriMissouri missed ranks in 3 of the systems.
23WyomingThe bottom three and #26 missed the polls/ranks in 4 of the systems. Wyoming’s high RPI propelled them to the top of that group.
24ColoradoSee above.
25North Carolina St.#26 was Belmont, but they were some distance behind State.