1IndianaI think Duke has done more, and I couldn’t care less what the score the Hoosiers pasted on my own team, but I just can’t drop Indiana from #1 until they lose, and most stats rankings have Indiana favorably compared to Duke outside SoS.
2DukeSee above.
3FloridaFlorida and Michigan are a good tossup. Most statistical rankings have the Gators ahead, while most SoS rankings favor Big Blue. Since Florida was one place ahead of Michigan in my Preseason poll, I’ll keep them in the same places here.
4MichiganSee above.
5SyracuseAnother twin tossup between the Orange and Zags. Both have similar rankings and results so far, and Syracuse gets the nod based on my Preseason poll..
6GonzagaSee above.
7LouisvilleTough loss to Duke, but otherwise a solid record so far.
8Ohio St.See above, but Ohio State is clearly behind Louisville, unlike the tossups above where order could change.
10KentuckyTwo losses is tough to put this high, but I love their schedule and potential.
11CincinnatiA three-way logjam appears here. Cincy has a weak schedule, but are undefeated. Still, their performance metrics are comparable to the 1-loss Gophers and Panthers, and so I’m okay putting them here.
12MinnesotaSee above. Also, Minnesota finished higher in Preseason poll, so they get the nod over Pitt for #12.
13PittsburghSee above.
14Notre DameAnother three-way battle for 14-16. Notre Dame and North Carolina benefit from Preseason rankings, but Ok. St has a good resume and are undefeated.
15North CarolinaSee above.
16Oklahoma St.See above. Pomeroy seems low on the Cowboys, and that was enough to sway me to put them at the bottom of this group.
17ArizonaFrom here on out, the poll gets really muddy. Most of the teams from this spot on down could be a few spots higher (but not higher than #17) or lower.
18San Diego St.
19North Carolina St.
21Michigan St.
22VCUAn impressive body of work, and very unlucky to have three losses.
25WisconsinSee VCU at #22, albeit less impressive. Wisky was not going higher than #25, and I nodded them over the Illinois based on Pomeroy's numbers really liking the Badgers.