1DukeI've had Duke #1 since the first regular season poll. Obviously they are more secure here now since IU lost. I expect them to have this spot, unless they lose, at least into mid January.
2MichiganPretty routine bump up, after IU vacated the spot.
3SyracuseDitto the routine bump up Michigan got.
4Ohio St.This is where I started to debate putting IU back in. Can't see them over either MI or Syracuse after losing to Butler. I also decided, they don't go above OSU for now. Road loss to Duke > Neutral (ish) loss to Butler.
5ArizonaArizona finally got a win against a very good team. That lets them jump a few teams here. Also, after looking at their schedule, I've decided they are my dark horse 1 seed. I don't see tons of losses on there.
6IndianaIU finally gets back in. I would have had them at 5 if it weren't for Arizona getting a major nod of approval from me. Just to be clear, losing doesn't always mean a team will get moved down, but if you're #2 and lose to a team I didn't have ranked...you're going down a few spots most likely.
7LouisvilleCardinals get to jump KU this week, just because I think they're a better team. That is all.
8FloridaThere was a good case for Florida to be 7. It was just a one point loss on the road, and I don't think it would typically merit a 4 spot drop, they just got the short end of the stick with other teams falling in above them.
9KansasWow, sorting things out around this part of the poll is really tough. Again, they could be higher but I just thought other teams deserved those spots more...I realize a two spot drop when you win all of your games is tough, but my rankings aren't guaranteed until you lose.
10CincinnatiAll I can say is that I'm glad I didn't have to hear any players referencing putting their opponents into body-bags after this years crosstown shootout. Also, good work on still being undefeated.
11IllinoisGood job being undefeated here as well. The road gets pretty tough from here on out, but a lot of potential to move up with wins.
12MissouriI can't wait for the Illinois game, that is going to be fun to watch!
13MinnesotaThey've taken care of business recently, and I think they are going to cause some noise in the Big ten this year.
14GeorgetownI almost dropped the team one more spot, but just couldn't do it. Seriously though, beating Towson by 6 is just unacceptable. Towson won 1 game last year. They are a much, much improved team from then. But that game still should have been a blow out.
15New MexicoThere are some solid wins over good teams here. Still none over very good teams though. At Cinci is a chance for one though.
16GonzagaTook care of business. Stayed put.
17Oklahoma St.Ditto above.
18Notre DameDitto again.
19San Diego St.And again...
20ButlerHere they are. Beating IU got them back on the map for this year. I'm looking forward to seeing them in the A10 now.
21CreightonI know I am a bit down on the Blue Jays still. I had them going up, but Butler took that spot. They're going up if they beat Ill St. though. I'll almost promise that.
22PittsburghThey just keep on, keeping on. Cincinnati on New year's eve will be good!
23Michigan St.Nothing wrong with the team, cupcakes mean you have the potential to fall though.
24WyomingNot a ton of losses on this schedule either. I'm not sure how they got SDSU and UNLV back to back twice though.
25OregonIn a rarity, I am going to have the same team ranked at 25 two weeks straight. UNLV is still under them, for now at least.