1DukeThey’ve played and beaten 3 top 5 teams so far this year (UK doesn’t look quite as good now, but still a very good team). Better resume than Indiana.
2IndianaImpressive thus far, especially against UNC.
3MichiganVery solid so far. They probably should have put NC State away earlier in the game.
6Ohio St.Tough call here. They played a great first half in Cameron, but couldn’t hold off Duke in the second. Decided they shouldn’t be killed for that since Duke has been very good so far.
7KansasLose to Michigan St. looks a little bit worse after MSU-Miami game from Wed.
8LouisvilleNeutral court loss to Duke without their best defender, isn’t terrible but get’s them bumped down, at least for now.
11Oklahoma St.Possibly a bit high. I’ve been impressed so far though, despite NC State not being quite as good as I thought preseason. Could drop a bit depending on outcome of the VT game.
12CincinnatiUndefeated against a bunch of teams they should beat. They looked good doing it though, and can do a lot of good for themselves if they look like that against Alabama on Saturday
13MissouriNo shame in a loss to Louisville, also no punishment here for the douchbaggery of Dixon. They will probably drop with him gone, but until I see them on the court, they stay here.
14MinnesotaThey’ve looked good. A loss to Duke, obviously isn’t too bad given the other teams that have also lost to Duke so far. Wish I could have seen them play VCU in the Bahamas though.
15GeorgetownThey took Indiana into OT at home for their only loss. I don’t want to penalize them much for that, especially after seeing Indiana this week.
16KentuckyI wasn’t sure how far down UK needed to fall. My gut still tells me, farther than this. But, ND is a quality team and that is a tough arena so they get lucky and stop here.
17IllinoisA few puzzling games that have been much closer than they should have been so far. But they won them all, so that has to be worth something……right?
18New MexicoI like the Lobo’s, they beat a quality Davidson, and also UConn so far. They have to beat USC, but after that could very well be undefeated when they go to Cinci, Dec 27th.
19San Diego St.Lost to Syracuse and haven’t played any very good teams since. Waiting to see how they do against UCLA (not sure how good they are either though, after Cal Poly).
20North CarolinaI’m still torn on how much UNC deserves to fall from the IU game. On one hand, Indiana is very good. On the other, you can’t get run out of the gym like that.
21Michigan St.They lost to a team, that lost to Florida Gulf Coast. They’re lucky to be in these rankings at all, but are because they beat Kansas who I’ve likes so far this year.
22AlabamaI’m looking forward to the game against Cinci. If Bama they’re likely going to jump next week.
23Notre DameI still can’t figure out the loss to St. Joeseph’s but beating UK, even if they are very young, and it was at home gets the Irish ranked.
24CreightonBoise. Really? I wanted to drop them all the way out at first, but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, once.
25Wichita St.Shocker’s have looked good I decided to give them the nod over Ohio here simply because they’ve beat VCU which is a better win than any of Ohio’s.