1DukeI don’t like Duke, but they definitely deserve this
2MichiganUndefeated and with a good win over NC State
3SyracuseUndefeated but relatively untested
4ArizonaBig win vs Florida, but barely scraped it out…did not look like they should have won
5Ohio St.Dominated Duke at Cameron for a good portion of the game, close loss to a great team
6LouisvilleTough luck having Dieng out…good game with Duke and a tough loss on a neutral court
7FloridaArguably should have won at Arizona, might have choked late but a scary good team
8IndianaI know it’s low but I just can’t justify ranking them above Ohio State or Florida after seeing all three teams lose close games.
9IllinoisUndefeated, good-looking win over Butler and great win at Gonzaha
10CincinnatiUndefeated and looking good
11KansasTough loss but can’t justify them over Illinois or Cincy…will move up with win against OSU
12GeorgetownThese four are a toss-up but I loved their dominating win over Texas and the played Indiana very, very close
13GonzagaHave played some good teams and won, only loss to undefeated Illinois
14MinnesotaOnly lost to Duke but best win is maybe Florida State
15MissouriRespectable loss to Louisville but weak schedule…again, these four were almost a toss-up
16New MexicoUndefeated but mostly untested
17San Diego St.Only loss to Syracuse and in a weird environment
18ButlerSeems high but a great win over Indiana and one really respectable loss to Illinois
19Michigan St.Slightly worse win over Kansas and slightly worse losses to UConn and Miami than Butler
20CreightonHave been unimpressed so far, no big wins and a not-very-good loss
21UNLVOnly loss to a decent Oregon team, but no outstanding wins
22Notre DameOnly good win over an overrated UK team
23Oklahoma St.Good win against NC State but tough loss @ Va Tech
24North Carolina St.Good game against Michigan but lost to OK State
25Wichita St.Pretty good win over VCU, but tough loss to Tennessee