1MichiganRunning out of teams to put up here. They'll probably lose next week just because they're number 1...
2SyracuseThat win over Louisville was big, and with teams around them dropping like flies, the Orange shoot up to #2 in my poll.
3KansasYou could definitely argue that they should be #2. I debated about this one for a long while. Overall, I just like Syracuse more right now.
4IndianaManaged to survive the week unscathed, and that's enough to bump them up a spot.
5DukeCan't drop the Blue Devils too far in my opinion because of their resume and the injuries they were dealing with, but keeping them above 5th would have seemed wrong after a legitimate blowout. Even Kelly wouldn't have made that a close game.
6FloridaAnother team benefiting from simply managing to lose their games. Man, it seems like everybody lost this week.
7Michigan St.Loss to Miami suddenly doesn't seem so bad, and win over Kansas has looked better and better as the year has gone on. Plus a big win over an Ohio State team and a surprisingly successful Wisconsin team jumps them all the way up to 7th in my poll.
8LouisvilleTwo straight losses? Ouch. One was to Syracuse, of course, and that's a tough matchup for any team. But Villanova? Yikes. The only thing keeping them in the top-10 is that a bunch of other teams lost, too.
9GonzagaNOTE TO READER: From this point on, I have no idea where to put anybody. (Not that I did to start.) I've been saying Gonzaga is overrated the whole year. They finally lose a game, and...well, so did everyone else. As a result, I feel forced to keep them this high. But i'll re-evaluate this one too as the season progresses.
10Ohio St.They lost to Michigan State, but the Spartans have looked great recently, so I'm going to keep them up here at 10th.
11Kansas St.Well...huh. I don't really know how they ended up so high. But a loss to Kansas is not shameful at all, and everyone else lost too, so why not?
12ButlerThat's a tough loss to La Salle, but the win over Gonzaga was great. I'm going to keep them about where I had them last week as a result.
13ArizonaA home loss always hurts, but UCLA has been very good when they've been good, so I won't punish the Wildcats too much.
14New MexicoThey deserve it if only for being undefeated in the brutal MWC. Of course, they still have to play some tough games in the coming weeks, but for now they deserve to be rewarded.
15OregonYou could see this as a homer pick, but my Ducks are undefeated in the Pac-12 with wins over Arizona and UCLA as well as a non-con win at UNLV. For now, at least, I'm going to put them this high, if only because everybody else in contention for these spots took an L or two.
16Miami (FL)The win over Michigan State keeps looking better, and destroying Duke was a huge, huge resume booster. This might seem high, but I think they deserve it, even with a loss to Florida Gulf Coast (who?)
17CreightonI've felt like Creighton was ranked too high all year. I think they might even deserve to drop more, but I'll have to re-evaluate as the weeks continue. Plus, Wichita State is a solid, solid team.
18CincinnatiNice win over Marquette, and they played a really tough game against Syracuse. The win over Oregon keeps looking better and better, too! This seems pretty high for them, but I think they deserve it.
19Wichita St.That was a huge win over Creighton, but not quite enough to vault them over the Bluejays. That loss to Evansville is still not looking too great...we'll see how they go in conference play.
20MinnesotaThree straight losses...and one to Northwestern. Ouch. I think they stay in the top 20, but this losing skid is not looking very good for them. Still, when 3 of your 4 losses are to top-5 teams, that's just a brutal schedule to play through.
21Ole MissGood for Ole Miss! The Rebels keep winning. Unfortunately, it looks like their win over Mizzou said more about the Tigers. Still, only 2 losses all year, even if they haven't played the toughest competition. The Florida game will definitely be a barometer for them.
22UCLAI think UCLA sneaks back in with a road win at Arizona. They seem to be finally hitting their stride, even with that recent home loss to Oregon. It will be interesting to see how they handle the Pac-12 title race.
23UNLVNice wins over SDSU and Wyoming, sandwiched around a loss to Colorado State. Unfortunately, I think that's just how things will go in the Mountain West this year. Will be interesting to see how many they get into the tournament, and how those teams fare.
24VCUBad loss this week by VCU, but I still think this is a legit team. Nobody wants to play them in the Dance, even if they end up with a lower seed.
25MissouriMizzou got slapped by Florida. Then again, that Florida team is looking very, very solid. I think I will have to see how they fare in the rest of SEC play to get a better sense of how good the Tigers really are this year.